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Shop our premade glitter pens and decision coins that were created for our website display pictures.  These are already completed, therefore no further personalization can be made.  Because of this, they are being offered at a discounted rate.  Once they are gone, they are gone!


Show off a little style & personality with these glitter pens.  Each pen can be personalized to add a name if you wish.  They are made using Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Pens .07mm.  All personalized pens are handmade by me when ordered.  Because of this, each pen is a sister to another, but none are twins.  Meaning, no 2 pens will look exactly alike.

HELL NO!.png

We all struggle with making decisions. Whether it's what to eat, who is on diaper duty or whether we want to be naughty or nice. We help you eliminate that dilemma with our cute custom decision coins. You pick a pattern and color combination, personalize it with a message of your choice and eliminate all the hassle of making tough decisions. 

Now available!

These little gems are absocutely amazing to watch! Get lost in time as you stare at the swirls created when shaken and then relax as it changes back to its original color. Watch as the silky swirls travel up and down the walls of the bottle. These provide sensory stimulation with a calming effect. Fun for Adults. Perfect for children with sensory needs. 

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